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Mr. Smisek’s Soccer Game

January 10, 2010

Mr. Jeffrey Smisek is so cool!

Playing soccer with Mr. Smisek in the Continental terminal!

I was flying in a Continental Airlines airplane with my family to Houston.  I was drawing pictures and thinking about all those babies who were born early like I was.  My mom and I figured out that there were more than 3-1/2 million preemies born since 2003 which is the year I was born.  So then I thought when I looked out the window from high in the sky all the dots I saw on the ground – like over 3 million of them – could be all the babies who were born preemie.  That’s a lot of babies.  A lot of babies I’m going to try to save with the March of Dimes and people like Mr. Smisek.  He’s the top top chairman of Continental Airlines and I had the chance to meet him and thank him for helping to stop so many preemies from happening.

Mr. Smisek was so friendly and cool and smart.  He gave me and my brother Alex a soccer ball with the Continental Airlines logo on it.  We kicked it around the terminal at Gate C-15.  Mr. Smisek said it was very special because it the first time anyone ever played soccer in a Continental Airlines airport terminal. 

What a great day.  I hope Mr. Smisek always remembers the time he had with us.  I know I will.



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