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Million Dollar Babies: Broward County’s March for Babies Kickoff

January 30, 2010

Paul, Keith, Me and Alex

My family sometimes calls me their “Million Dollar Baby.”  I didn’t know what that meant at first but now I know it means that it cost $1 million when I was in the NICU.  That sure is a lot of money! 

That same magic number came up again last night at our Broward March for Babies Kickoff.  As soon as we got out of the car my mom saw Mr. Fauerbach from Publix and we got to walk with him to the party.  I gave him one of my Ambassador Cards and he wanted me to sign it but I forgot my purple pen at home!

My Grandma and Papa came with us.  It’s so great that they live in Florida now because they can come to these March of Dimes parties and see me give my speeches for real instead of on YouTube.  The first speech I ever gave at Signature Chefs three years ago I remember I had some money in my pocket that I took from my piggy bank to give to the March of Dimes.  Auntie Jacquie, the head person in our March of Dimes office here in Broward County (Alex and I call her Auntie because she’s so cool and we love her!) asked if I would do that again in my speech tonight.

So, I took another $20 and put it in my pocket.  I told everyone that it was for our Family Team called Team Joshua Hoffman and we’re going to raise $30,000.  Everyone said “Wow!”

I'm about to pull out my money from my pocket.

Then Paul, one of our Chairpeople got up to speak and asked if I wanted a job giving speeches for him.  I said I didn’t know.  I’ll have to think about that one!   And when Keith, the other Chairperson got up, he told everyone that our goal in Broward was to raise $1 million.  There’s that big number again!  I think the number used to be $700,000 something but he asked me if I thought we could raise more – I said “Yes!  To fight for preemies.”  Everyone cheered.

Melissa Bettis, head of Family Teams, came all the way from Dallas to our Kickoff! She's so cool.

We're going to raise $1 million to fight for preemies!

We're going to watch our tulips grow like when we watch the money we raise grow!

I had so much fun at our kickoff.  Then I had to go home and do three pages of homework.  I was so tired I fell asleep at my desk.

 Love, Josh

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