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I Spy Kmart

February 3, 2010

Kmart South Florida

My little brother Alex and I like to play I Spy in the car sometimes and we say the first letter of what we see.  Like, for example, we would say “I spy something that starts with the letter K!”

Mom picked both of us up from school early on Friday so we could go to a special place and give another speech.  It was my turn to guess what Alex was spying and when we turned into the parking lot I said “Kmart!  K is for Kmart!”

There was a District Managers meeting and we have been to these before.  We knew exactly how to go up to the room.  All the way to the back of the store and through the door and up the stairs.  Well we thought we knew the door.  We ended up in the stock room and then through another door into the loading zone and then we opened another one and ended up in the bathroom!  Finally, a nice man from Kmart showed us where that secret door was.  There they were.  The tall stairs we remember.  And then there all those people were – all of those great people from Kmart who always raise the most money for March for Babies.  They have been raising money for the March of Dimes for more than 26 years and raised over $75 million.  That’s so cool!!!

After my mom gave them a big thank you speech and then I gave a big thank you speech, we all took a picture.  Well not everyone in the room that was a lot of people and we couldn’t all fit in the picture.  But there was the man in the purple shirt (for March of Dimes!) and lots of other people, too.

What a great time and a great week full of lots of March of Dimes things!

Next stop – Tennessee!

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