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NBC-4 Nashville

February 3, 2010

That's Jennifer, the host of the NBC 4 morning show we were on.

One of the best parts of the day was being on TV!  We went to the WSMV News Channel 4 station and met Jennifer, a really pretty lady who interviewed us on TV.

First we went to the Green Room.  Well that’s what they called it but it was really a purple room – just for March of Dimes!  I played Rock, Paper, Scissors with a nice man named Dr. Gil who was on TV right before us.  He said he has a son named Josh, too, who is also 7 years old.  How funny is that?

Then we sat on high stools on a cool set and Jennifer asked us questions about being the National Ambassador and the March for Babies walk.  We told her we want everyone to come out to the walk on April 18 at Centennial Park.  And to raise lots of money, too!

There we are talking all about the March for Babies in Nashville.

When we were leaving the studio, we met a man who worked there and told us he was a preemie, too!  He was a big, happy and healthy man who survived being born early way before me.  It was so much fun to meet each other.

Me and Todd Grantham, Communnications Director for Tennessee in the "Purple Room"!

Nashville is such a great place with so many kind. people!

🙂 Josh

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  1. Jennifer Vickery permalink
    February 22, 2010 5:47 pm

    Hi Josh! I got the very kind note today from you and your mom. I hope your travels are going well. I was so excited when I got to read your blog and learn of all of the fun experiences you are having as you spread the good news about the March of Dimes and all of the important work they do. They are so very lucky to have you to represent their great organization. It was great to meet you-

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