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A Golden Key – Jackson, TN, Fedex and Corky’s BBQ in Memphis

February 4, 2010

I'm on the radio!

Before we left Nashville and drove to Jackson, Tennessee, we stopped at Nashville’s radio station called Mix 92.9.  It was the first time I was on the radio and it was so much fun!  Clint and Kim and Ana Marie were so funny and made me feel very comfortable.  I showed them my March of Dimes wall walker I got from Todd.  He’s a little yellow guy with four sticky black feet and he sticks to the wall and then walks down the wall turning over and over.  It’s so fun to watch and they thought so too.  On the radio I talked about how I want to help babies be born healthy as the National Ambassador. 

Mom and Me with the awesome Mix 92.9 gang - Kim, Ana Marie, and Clint

Then we were off to Jackson, Tennessee.  I did some homework in the car and the two hours went by fast.  We went to the Old Country Store to meet all of the top teams.  My mom told me the mayor of the city was going to be there so when I walked into the room and asked the first man I saw if he was the mayor, everyone laughed.  He wasn’t.  But he was Jeffrey Head, Division Board Chair, and a very nice man.  His daughter was born early and is 12 now with a little Cerebral Palsey.  She sounds so amazing and uses a cool computer for her homework where she talks into a recorder and the computer types what she says. 

I love Jackson.  They have really good mac and cheese and really cool mayors.  Everyone was extra special nice.  I met a lady who has a baby in her belly.  I told her I hope it’s healthy and she cried and gave me a hug.  I also got a golden key to the city.  I didn’t see a door when we drove into town but now I know where their door is.  It’s in all of those people’s hearts because they care so much about the March of Dimes.

This is the key to Jackson, Tennessee!

Dan Brooks, MFB Chair, Mayor Jerry Gist, Mayor Jimmy Harris and Me!


It was hard to leave Jackson since I had so much fun.  But off we went to Memphis and when we arrived at our hotel I saw my name on the marquee for all of Memphis to see!

David Silberman, Sr. Community Director, Memphis Division, Todd Grantham and Me!


People were waiting to meet us at Fedex.  We went to their global headquarters and it was a huge glass building right on a golf course.  I saw the golf course from Mr. Shannon Brown’s office window but what was more beautiful to me were his Valentine’s M&M’s.  He’s such a nice man, not just because he shared his M&M’s with me, and not just because he had a preemie baby girl, but also because he is in charge of raising all the money they raise at Fedex for March for Babies.  Last year they raised $115,000 and this year he told me he’s going to raise $175,000.  Wow!

Mr. Shannon from Fedex is the nicest man!

Fedex and March of Dimes together

There are some of the nicest people I have ever met here in Tennessee.

We went to Corky’s barbecue for dinner.  I think it’s a famous place.  We met the owner, Barry Pelts who kept coming over to our table to make sure we were happy.  His food was so yummy I wanted the recipe for the rolls.  He gave me some barbecue sauce instead and I know my Daddy is going to love that!  Mr. Pelts took my picture with my mom and said it’s going to go on his wall with the other celebrities who come into his restaurant.  I feel like a VIP – a Very Important Preemie!

At Corky's BBQ restaurant with the amazing owner Barry Pelts

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