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A Very WHITE White House Visit – Part 2

February 11, 2010

Look! It's on TV - the snowiest winter in the history of Washington DC and here we are!

Since we live in Florida and it’s mostly sunny and warm all year, we have never had a snow day!  So now we’re in Washington DC and it’s the snowiest winter ever here.  That’s what the weather lady said on TV! 

When we woke up this morning, all we saw was white outside our hotel window!  Me and Alex stood in the window for a long time and watched all of the big snowflakes fall. 

Look at all that snow!!!

Then after that we needed to finish our special Valentine for Mrs. Obama.  We made a big heart – lots of hearts.  A pink one, a blue one, and a purple one because pink and blue make purple and purple is the color for the March of Dimes!  We took some pink and blue ribbon and laced them together like shoe laces all around the outside of the heart.  Then we put a purple bow right in the middle.

Here’s what I wrote:


…hugs and kisses

…hearts and love notes

…family and friends

…helping tiny babies get healthy

…the MARCH OF DIMES because they saved our lives!


Mrs. Obama!

Love, Joshua and Alex Hoffman

I'm making a special Valentine.

A Valentine for Mrs. Obama

Then we were hungry and it was lunch time so we went downstairs to the hotel restaurant because everything was closed outside.  We met “Auntie” Alison there and had a nice, long lunch!  Me and Alex even played Connect 4 at the table.  The hotel had lots of games for us to play and that’s one of our favorites. 

We're having a fun snow day in DC with "Auntie" Alison!

One of our favorite games.

Alex went outside for like two seconds to see how it felt.  He didn’t have his jacket and when he came back inside he felt cold and Mommy was not happy that he didn’t have his coat because she doesn’t want him to get pneumonia (she spelled that for me).  He thought it was so neat, but I didn’t want to do that so I watched him from inside the door staying nice and toasty warm.

When we went back up to our room, what did we do?  Oh yeah, we had some lollipops…

Lollipops are yummy!

… daddy took a nap, and then read the paper, Mommy wrote a blog.  (She’s my “Guest Blogger”!  It’s right below this one.)  And I listened to some songs and Alex did too.  It was still snowy outside.  We ordered room service for dinner.  We like room service!  Off to sleep we go – I’m going to dream about going to the White House.  It’s really happening tomorrow and I can’t wait to meet the President of the United States!  Good night! 

Sweet dreams, Josh

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