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We Hugged President Obama Today (No Pictures Yet!)

February 12, 2010

We're ready to meet President Obama (this was taken at our hotel before we left for the White House)

We hugged the President of the United States today.  It was so awesome!!! 

First we had lunch at 12:00 Noon with Dr. Howse, President of the March of Dimes. 

At lunch with Dr. Howse

Marina Weiss and Emil Wigode were there, Office of Government Affairs for the March of Dimes.  And LaVerne Council, March of Dimes Board of Trustee and a head at Johnson & Johnson.  Also, Alison was of course there and the Hall Family was there, too.  They were the 2009 National Ambassador Family so Alex and I got to play with Katelyn.  We had fun!

At 3:00 we all walked to the White House and my hands were frozen it was so cold.  Mom told me to think of something else besides the cold so I would forget I was so cold.  It worked.  I thought about where we were going – to the White House!  Then there it was – the big, beautiful White House – we made it!  We stopped for a photo in front of gate before we had to leave our cameras and bags behind. 

The last photo we took before we went through the gate to the Oval Office

We couldn’t take cameras or cell phones or much of anything into the White House with us.  All we needed were the Valentine’s we made and off we went.  Through the side gate to the guard house…through security which was inside and toasty warm…and then back outside down the sidewalk to the door of the West Wing.  A Marine stood very straight and still who opened the door for us.  He didn’t move.  He was like a statue.  After we all went inside, he came in, too, and then I saw him moving and talking.  Pretty neat. 

We waited in that front room for a little bit and then John, a staffer, took us to the Roosevelt Room.  There was a long table with water in glasses at each place.  The water was all the same height in each glass.  How did they do that?  Then John asked me where I thought the President sat?  There were lots of chairs and even a chair at both ends.  I saw one chair that was a little higher than the others right in the middle of the table and right across from the picture of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  That’s the one I pointed to.  I was right!

There was also a Nobel Peace Prize hanging on the wall from 1996 I think.  There were lots of flags, too.  It was a beautiful room.  Someone came in and was putting papers at each seat.  They were getting ready for a meeting. 

It was 4:00.  We moved into the hallway between the Roosevelt Room and the Oval Office.  Then people started coming into the Roosevelt Room for that meeting.  Dad told me they were Senior Staff like Rahm Emanuel, Robert Gibbs, Tim Geithner. 

In any minute, we were going into the Oval Office.  We waited very patiently.  President Obama was meeting with Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.  We were waiting for that meeting to be over.  4:05.  Any minute now.

All of a sudden the door to the Oval Office swung open and there he was.  It was the President of the United States!  President Obama opened the door himself and said with a huge smile, “Hello Everyone!  Come on in!!!”  My Mom’s jaw dropped to the floor.  She said she gasped.  We all shook the President’s hand when we walked through the door.  We introduced ourselves and I tried to give him my best handshake.  Alex and I were practicing good handshakes all day so I was ready.  I also said, “It’s so nice to meet you Mr. President.”  Alex shook his hand, too.  Sometimes he gets shy but not this time!

Then Dr. Howse told the President who we all were and how the March of Dimes needs health care that helps all mothers and babies.  President Obama said he had presents for us.  He’s so sweet and thoughtful!  We love getting presents and we were excited to give him the Valentines we brought for his family.  He gave us boxes of M&M’s – Presidential M&M’s! – and Presidential yo-yo’s!  He signed them, too. 

We took pictures and gave Mr. President our Valentines for Mrs. Obama and Sasha and Malia.  (Katelyn made one for him, too!)  He said he knew Mrs. Obama and the girls would like them – and he also told me I had very good handwriting!  That made me so happy.  That’s when we gave the President a hug.  He got down on his knee and asked us for a hug.  We like to give hugs.  I will never forget the hug I gave to the President. 

When we left the White House we walked back to our hotel and it was just as cold as before but I didn’t notice.  I was too busy throwing snowballs with Alex.  This is definitely a day that I will remember for forever.

Love, Josh

P.S.  Stay tuned for photos with President Obama!!!

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  1. Leslie permalink
    February 14, 2010 12:56 pm

    I am so so very proud of you and Alex and your family. I can’t wait to see the pictures. I feel very proud to know you and your family!

  2. Katelyn Hall permalink
    February 17, 2010 10:19 am


    I had so much fun visiting President Obama with you and your brother Alex! I thought the valentines day card you made for Mrs. Obama was awesome. I bet you guys had just as much fun making your card with your mommy as I did making mine for President Obama. I think he liked them both. I really wanted to eat my presidential M&M’s too but, my mommy said we should save them just like your mommy said. So, she put them up on a shelf in my bedroom along with the yo-yo so I can look at them and remember my day with the President and with you guys. I sure wish we lived closer so we could play more often. I had a lot of fun playing with you and Alex. Wasn’t that fun playing by the fireplace in the restaurant later that evening? What a special day! Good luck with all your travels this year and say hi to all the flight attendants and captains on your plane rides with Continental. Flying was one of my favorite things to do last year. I hope to see you again soon!


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