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Happy Valentine’s Day!

February 14, 2010

It was cold when I woke up this morning and I ran into Mommy and Daddy’s room because I couldn’t wait to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day and crawl under their warm covers to cuddle and get warm!  Before I climbed into their bed (they were still sleeping so I tried to be very quiet) I wrote a message on the window.  I drew a heart and a big “J”.  My mom must have heard the squeaking of my pointer finger because she opened her eyes and smiled at what I wrote. 

Our Valentine’s Day was so much fun!  Mom put a Valentine for me and Alex to find right outside our bedroom door.  That was a neat surprise.  But I think she was more surprised at the present Daddy got for her from all of us.  Me and Alex decorated the bag and wrote a card for her.  The gift inside was Daddy’s idea.  When she opened the bag and pulled out the present she found a DVD of her favorite movie ever.  The American President.  She started to cry but I wasn’t sure why if it was her favorite movie.  Then I found out they were happy tears because she loved the gift so much.  It’s her favorite movie and we just got back from visiting The American President.  How cool!

My favorite things today were Mommy’s pancakes – they were heart shapes and even had chocolate chips in them.  And playing the Wii as a family.  First we played archery and then we played golf.  No bulls-eyes and only one par out of nine holes but we laughed and cheered and had a loving time together.

We leave for Cleveland tomorrow.  We’re all packed and ready for our next adventure.

Good Night and Happy Valentine’s Day!

(heart) J

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