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February 16, 2010

Mr. Jim Graham is the President of the local UAW 1112 in Lordstown, Ohio.

With our new GM buddies wearing our new Chevy Cobalt jackets!

Here's Mr. Bruce our amazing Tour Guide of the GM Plant.

They started with one piece of metal. That’s what Mr. Bruce told us this morning when we were watching all of the cars being made at the GM Plant in Lordstown, Ohio. My favorite part was riding in a brand new car called the Chevrolet Cobalt when it was moving on the assembly line! They were testing the car for 20 miles all around the plant. I learned that was the last thing the car had to do after it painted, then they put the engine in, the dashboard, the chasse (I found out that’s the bottom of the car), all of the wires. So many things go into building a car. They even have robots that put on the doors and something called a Frog that Mr. Bruce told us marries the chasse to the car. It was so cool to watch.

Look it's an empty car!

THIS is the secret new car for 2010.

Some of the many amazing people at General Motors' Local UAW 1112

We rode in a big yellow golf cart. At the end of our tour, me and Alex also got to go in a secret car. They just made it and it’s not in stores yet. That’s why we call it the secret car…and we can keep a secret!

The most amazing thing about the GM Plant was the people. They were all so friendly and everyone waved when we rode by. They will be starting their March for Babies campaign next week and someone will talk to every single person in their UAW Local 1112 and tell them about the March of Dimes. They raise a lot of money for their March for Babies and we think everyone at that GM Plant is so very kind and caring.

Then we went to a luncheon that was hosted by Mr. Jim Graham who is the President of the UAW Local 1112.  Their Mahoning Valley March for Babies Chair is Corey Mayle from Farmers Insurance. It was a great time. I sat next to Becky who is the State Program Director for the March of Dimes and smiled and said “cheese” for lots of pictures. I met Denise DeBartolo York who is a very nice and pretty lady who came over and gave me a kiss after I gave my speech.  She owns the San Francisco 49ers and she’s a big supporter of the March of Dimes.

A fun photo op with Denise DeBartolo, a huge March of Dimes supporter!

Then we went to Biketown Harley Davidson because they do a biking event over the summer and raise a lot of money for the March of Dimes. Mr. Tom Wronkovich is the owner and he had preemie twins who are Freshmen in high school now. He is a great guy who let us sit on some of his motorcyles and even turn on the engine, honk the horn and rev the engine on the handle. It was awesome!

Someone was taking our picture from the balcony so we waved.

I think it’s so cool how different people in so many different cities think of fun and creative ways to raise money for the March of Dimes.


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