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“I Get It!”

February 20, 2010

(Posted by my Mom)

You know that feeling you get when that light bulb goes on in your mind and things that were very unclear and cloudy all of a sudden become crystal clear?  It’s an “I get it!” and Charlie Binger, Site Manager for Cleveland’s Ford Motors plant had one of these this past week.  Ford Motors and Local UAW 1250 have been supporting the March of Dimes for 14 years and raised over $205,000 for March for Babies.  We met Charlie when we visited Ford Motors on Wednesday morning and Josh and I shared our story with a room full of people.  Then we saw Charlie again at the Cleveland March for Babies kickoff that night, and through the course of the day, Charlie heard many stories of how families like ours have been affected in different ways by prematurity and helped by the March of Dimes.

That’s when Charlie said, “I get it!” 

Charlie Binger (on the left) had an epiphany after hearing preemie stories from Josh and Joe Jurevicius (the tallest one in the middle), former Cleveland Browns football player.

Charlie is one of the Chairs for March for Babies in Cleveland this year and he is more ready than ever to embrace the challenge and lead not just Ford Motors and UAW 1250 but the entire city to reach their fundraising goal of $500,000.  Go Cleveland!!!

For those preemie parents who are in the midst of getting to that point of “I Get It!” there are places like Cleveland’s Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital and Akron Children’s Hospital where their NICU’s have done extensive research and have interviewed many preemie parents to find out what preemie families need to make it though such a traumatic and difficult time.  They definitely nailed it – they “got it!”  From their physical facilities like the Pods at Rainbow Babies to Akron’s NICU Family Support Program sponsored by the March of Dimes and the only one in the state of Ohio –  they are doing everything possible to help families calm their fears of the unknown, ease their pain of having a baby in the NICU and not at home, and help them give their babies what they need most which is their love. 

“I get it’s” are so powerful.  We preemie moms have asked the question “Why me?” when our babies are born so early and often without reason.  Why do we have to endure such pain and watch our innocent babies fight for their fragile lives?  I feel that the people who have great appreciation are those who have struggled to attain their dreams.  When we realize that is when we “get it”.  The light bulb goes off and we realize we are the lucky ones.   We have been given the insight that others will not see, we will note every single moment about our children as they grow, explore, and discover, and we will marvel at our miracles everyday for forever because we know we almost had none.

– Melanie

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