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Live Love Laugh

February 23, 2010

People sometimes tell me they think I’m going to be a lawyer when I grow up.  Maybe it’s because I ask a lot of questions and always have an answer for everything.  I told everyone at that at the law firm of Trenk, DiPasquale this morning and they all laughed.  Mr. Trenk is one of the top walkers in Essex County which is North Jersey’s biggest walk site (their goal is $365,000).  He is such a nice man with so many great people at his law firm.  It was Nicole’s birthday today so I made her a birthday card.  She cried when I gave it to her.  She said it was beautiful and she would keep it forever. 

What a great sign the law firm of Trenk, DiPasquale made for our visit! This is me with Christina from the March of Dimes.

Law firms are fun places!

The giant shoe is heavy, too! Here I am with John Hopkins, President and CEO and Eric Kesselman, VP Marketing

The first thing I saw when we walked into the room at Kearny Federal Savings Bank was a giant shoe!  Mr. Eric Kesselman told me it was a size 15 and I figured out that either a giant could wear it or 15 of my feet could fit in that shoe.  Even cooler than that were all the names written on the shoe.  They were the names of National Ambassadors for the past 6 years and I got to write my name on the shoe, too!  I wrote it with my special purple Sharpie right with Catharine, Alexa, Navy, Nick, and Katelyn.  The Kearny Bank Branch that raises the most money for March for Babies gets to keep the shoe until the next year.  What a great idea!

The coolest walking shoe ever at Kearny Federal Savings Bank!

Kearny Bank's top fundraising branches got awards and I got to sign a shoe!!!

The last place we visited today was KPMG in Short Hills.  They have a fun March for Babies committee of women who think of great ways to raise money.  Their best one so far is their Blue Jeans for Babies Day.  Anyone who gives $5 can wear blue jeans on Friday that week.  If they keep giving $5 they can wear blue jeans on 8 Fridays.  Those nice ladies gave me a March of Dimes beanie baby that’s holding a pillow.  The pillow says “Live Laugh Love” on it.  Those are three great words and they all start with the same letter!  Everyday for me is filled with those three things.  I introduced my new bear to the one I got yesterday that I named March of Dimes Purple.  They’re good friends, now!

KPMG's Mr. Corey came in from New York City and the March for Babies committee

When I grow up I want to be a photographer and I took this picture.

Tonight Alex came back from staying at Cousin Matthew and Nicole’s house in New York.  He had so much fun when he was there and I loved seeing my cousins again if even for a few minutes.  I missed my little brother.  I love him so much because we have so much fun together and I’m so happy he’s back.

We love our cousins!

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  1. February 24, 2010 8:24 am

    Hi Joshua,

    I am so proud of you!

    Mrs. Veve


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