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Balloons and Baby Shampoo

February 24, 2010

Balloons followed us everywhere today! 

PSEG had the coolest room where we gave our speech.  There were five different levels with long tables where people sat and when I got to the top to see the view from up there, I thanked everyone for having us today.  They all clapped! 

Isn't this a cool room?!?

These are those creative PSEG people I was telling you about.

Lots more creative PSEG Team members!!! They're fun and definitely reach for the stars!

PSEG is the #1 utility company in the U.S. and is the #1 March for Babies Team in New Jersey for the last two years.  They definitely want to keep their title and have so many creative ideas so I’m sure they will!  I’m beginning to figure out that the teams who think of lots of different fundraising ideas are the ones who are the Top Teams. 

I loved the quote PSEG wrote on the Welcome Sign they made for me at their front door.  It said:

“Shoot for the moon, even if you miss

You will land among the stars.”

Big huge purple star balloons were the centerpieces for the luncheon tables at Johnson & Johnson.  It was beautiful.  And so were all of the people at J&J.  They are a NJ State Sponsor and their Team Goal this year is the same as our goal for Team

Team Johson & Johnson is awesome!!! The race is on to see who can raise $30,000 first...

Joshua Hoffman – $30,000!   I was so amazed at how long everyone there has been working at Johnson & Johnson.  I can see why they like it there and I will always remember the smell of their baby shampoo I used when I was little.

Before we got on our airplane headed home we met a bunch of people at Continental Airlines at their hub at Newark Airport.  Jonathan Roitman is like Robbie Anderson in Cleveland and they remind me of each other.  Two very warm and friendly people.  Gavin took us up to the Control Tower.  It’s like the one in Cleveland but much bigger and if we looked real hard we could even see the Statue of Liberty!

Gavin and Me and Jonathan at the International Terminal at Newark Airport

Cakes with our names on them were waiting for us in the Break Room along with tons of balloons and friendly Continental Airlines staff.  It was like our birthday with a bunch of new friends!  Alison told me even the cakes went through security to get there.  That’s funny!

Where are we? Oh there we are with a bunch of great Continental Staff at Newark Airport's Break Room.

I have a big speech to give tomorrow morning at a big Publix Meeting near where we live.  Mom and I wrote a brand new speech for this one and I practiced almost the whole plane ride home.  We try to be creative so I hope they like it!

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  1. Jillian & Evan's Dad permalink
    February 26, 2010 6:31 am

    Alex! Joshua! Thank you for travelling to New Jersey and reminding us about the importance of the Mission of The March of Dimes.
    You made us Grin when you showed your great curiosity.
    You made us Cry when you described your battle in the war against prematurity.
    You made us Proud when you taught us how our volunteer work makes a difference.
    Thank you for bringing your mom and Alison along too! Please tell dad that next time you are coming to New Jersey that we want to see him, as well. We want to show him the great pictures that you took with our camera (pics of Mr Jorge, Mr Vaughn, Ms Kelly, Ms Addy, Mr Ryan, Mr Bartley, Ms Dee and the MANY pics of ALex’s nice red sweater!).
    New Jersey loves you, Team Hoffman…You ARE Champions for Babies!

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