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A School Day!

February 26, 2010

I went to school today!  It was the first time I’ve been back in a while since we’ve been traveling so much (I’m studying contractions now and look how many I used in this blog already!) and I was very excited to see my teachers and my friends. 

Everyone seemed to be excited to see me, too!  They all came up to me and hugged me and wanted to know about all the places I went and all the things I did.  Mrs. Veve even asked me during snack time to stand up in front of the class and tell everyone about my visit to the White House and meeting President Obama.  One of my friends asked if I slept at the White House?  I said no that we stayed for just a little bit.

At Recess I played with my good friend Donovan.  We ran around for a little and then we sat down on the ground and had a conversation.  Here’s how it went:

Josh:  Were you born a preemie baby or a healthy baby?

Donovan:  I was a healthy baby.

Josh:  What time were you born?

Donovan:  I don’t know.  What time were you born?

Josh:  I was born at 5:22pm.

Donovan:  What’s a preemie baby?

Josh:  That’s when a baby is born early and sick like I was.  But now I’m healthy and I’m trying to make sure that there are no more preemie babies.

Then Donovan put his arm around me and said he wanted to have a play date with me when I get back from my next trip. 

In Art Class I drew a picture of the Tooth Fairy with a beautiful dress.  I wonder when I’m going to lose my third tooth?

The school day went so fast.  Mom came into my classroom to pick up all of the work I need to do for next week.  That’s when my friend Gaby gave me the note she wrote to take with me. 

It said:

“Welcome back Josh!!!  Hope you had a great time.  From yure friend, Gaby”

I gave her a hug and told her I’ll see her next Friday after we get back from Houston and Rhode Island. 

I’m very lucky to have such nice friends and caring teachers.

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