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Continental Airlines is the Best!

February 28, 2010

Since we usually fly out for our trips on Monday mornings, we didn’t think we’d know anyone at the Continental Airlines desk like we usually do.  But we couldn’t have been more wrong.  We knew literally everyone there!  One of the ladies, her name is Miriam, was so excited because she hasn’t seen me since we took a picture together and it ended up in their Continental newsletter for February.  She couldn’t wait to show me.  So she invited us back to their offices after we checked our bags and got our boarding passes.  Everyone came back too and was so friendly like always.  They got me and Alex some water because we were very thirsty from the Oreo cookie we had in the car ride to the airport, and we took another picture as a big group.  Then we said we had to catch our flight so we hugged everyone goodbye and went through security to our gate. 

Our Continental friends at Ft Lauderdale airport back in their break room before our flight to Houston

When we got on the plane I looked at the Continental magazine in the pocket like I always do and noticed it was a different cover than last time.  So I started turning the pages and after like three page turns there I was!  Me and Mr. Jeffrey Smisek!  I was sitting on top of a ticket desk at Gate C15 in Houston holding a Continental Airlines soccer ball! 

The article was all about how Continental Airlines raised over $1.6 million for the March of Dimes since 2006 (that’s so awesome!) and this is their 5th year that they are the Official Airline sponsor for the National Ambassador program.  I love Continental Airlines very much – not just because I get to fly First Class wherever we go but really and truly because of all the people who are always so nice to me and my family.  They all really want to help the March of Dimes stop prematurity and help all babies be born healthy.

When we landed in Houston they made an announcement that I was on the plane and gave a little speech about how Continental Airlines supports the March of Dimes.  Everyone clapped and it made me feel so good that everyone cares like we do.

When we got to the hotel my 3rd cousin Roberta who lives in Houston came to see us.  Me and Alex have never met her before so it was great to spend time with her while we’re here. 

Us with our 3rd cousin on some fun windy stairs!

Since Houston is one hour behind Florida it’s later than the clock says it is right now and I’m very sleepy so I’m going to sleep.  Can’t wait to meet more wonderful people from Continental at their offices tomorrow morning!

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