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March 1, 2010

If you would have told me we would be shaking hands today with a huge, walking brown shopping bag with a happy face and lots of groceries in it, I never would have believed you.

First, we got to see Susan Hirsch again from Continental Airlines (CO).  She’s just the coolest and so much fun!  Susan took us right from the lobby of our hotel, down hallways and across indoor bridges that went over the streets of Downtown Houston right into the Continental Airlines Office Building.  That’s where we met Katrina Manning, Continental’s March for Babies team captain.  She’s so great, too, and we met so many other people from Continental who will be helping to get more walkers and raise as much money as possible this year for March for Babies.

Me with Katrina Manning, Team Captain for Team Continental Airlines

I gave the longest speech I’ve ever given today at Continental and I got a standing ovation.  That was really neat!  Then the staff from the March of Dimes Houston Chapter helped set GOALS for Team Continental.  They decided that everyone will get 5 walkers to join their team.  Then those 5 walkers will raise $200.  If there are 50 people then they will raise $50,000.  That makes sense to me! 

Continental set their Team GOALS today and I know they'll raise that money!

We said goodbye to Susan and everyone at Continental and told them we’d see them again at their walk on April 25.  We headed out to HEB.  It’s a big supermarket and boy did we have fun!

That’s when we met a big, live shopping bag.  His name is HEBUDDY and we became fast friends.  Me and Alex gave him high fives and big hugs and held his hand and walked around the store. 

Our new friends at HEB - Sarah, Shannon, Sabrina and HEBUDDY!

At the checkout counter they have these signs with tear-sheets for $5, $3, and $1 donations to the March of Dimes.  We tore off a $5 sheet and gave Sabrina, the nice lady at the checkout counter, a $5 donation.  It was so quick and easy and a fun way to give money to the March of Dimes.

HEB makes it easy to donate to the March of Dimes at their checkout counters.

So we made a $5 donation!

All the people we met at HEB were very nice.  I think all people at all supermarkets are the nicest people – just like at Publix at home!  We didn’t want to leave our new friend HEBUDDY but when we found out he would be at the Houston walk on April 25 too, we told him we’d see him again soon!

CBS was our last stop – CBS Radio Houston – and Lindsey Garcia was waiting for us with a big, friendly smile when we arrived.  She’s the local Ambassador Family and she works at CBS Radio.  She gave us a tour of the radio station and she told us about her story.  Her Kai is 7 months old now and was born at 32 weeks.  But Lindsey was on bedrest in the hospital from when she was 24 weeks pregnant until 32 weeks when she delivered Kai.  Wow!  She’s so strong.  

Carl Cordola is the CEO of Children’s Memorial Hermann which is the title sponsor for Houston’s March for Babies.  He such a nice man and it was so great he could stop by and see us at the radio station, too.  I signed my card for him, and he said he has an 8 and 6 year old – so that must have been why he was laughing when Alex and I were goofing off when we were taking pictures.

Craig Cordola, CEO of Children's Memorial Hermann Hospital and Title Sponsor for Houston's March for Babies came out to meet Lindsey Garcia, Local Ambassador and our family at CBS Radio Houston.

We had a quick lunch with Ernie.  We had fun drawing faces on the circle paper coasters at our table.  Then back to the airport we went – it wasn’t even 24 hours that we were here and we met so many people in Houston.  It was a great trip.

Ernie is State Communications Director for Texas and we think she's terrific!

Now we’re on the plane again.  I met all of the Continental Airlines flight attendants and they were showing me where the food comes on the plane. 

CO Flight Attendants Rhonda and Bonnie are very sweet!

We’re headed to Boston but not staying in Boston.  We’re going to drive to Providence, Rhode Island tonight, too!

I wonder if we’ll know where we are when we wake up in the morning this time?

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  1. Andrea permalink
    March 2, 2010 4:37 pm

    Hi Josh,

    I had the opportunity to “meet” your family and hear you and you mother speak at my work today. As I heard your story, I was moved to the point of tears by your strength and courage. When you got up to address the audience, I was in awe of what a fantastic job you did and of the way you captivated each and every person in that room! What a smart, funny, brave soul you are!

    What you and your family are doing for The March of Dimes is admirable and inspiring. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Bank of America today. I left that room, I couldn’t wait to go out on the floor and pass along your message to my associates.

    And Mom, what amazing and beautiful boys you have. I bet you couldn’t be more proud!

    Thank you again!

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