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The Golden Mile

March 9, 2010

I was on the radio this morning talking about March for Babies, and my mom talked about how a doctor here in Detroit saved my vision so I wouldn’t be blind.  Detroit will always be a special place for my family and we wanted all the people listening to know what a great place they live in.  The radio show was broadcast from the middle of the lobby at the Detroit Athletic Club!  That’s when I met a very nice and funny man.  His name is Paul W. Smith and he’s the host of WJR News/Talk radio here in Detroit.  He was also the M.C. of the Golden Mile Kickoff that was in a big, beautiful room on up the windy staircase on the second floor.

Paul W. Smith, WJR Radio Host, live from the Detroit Athletic Club this morning!

I told Mr. Paul he's the second Paul I've met. The first Paul was the plumber.

We're live on WJR AM 760 Radio in Detroit!

We got a chance to meet Ron Gettelfinger who is President of the UAW and the National Co-Chair of March for Babies this year with Alan Mullaly, President of Ford Motors.  He’s so wonderful.  He said March for Babies is so important and he’s so dedicated to raising $100 million all over the U.S. – that’s the goal for the March of Dimes this year.  Based on all of the people here in Detroit and all of the people we met in all the other cities we’ve been to so far, I just know that we will all raise that $100 million this year.  I just know it!!!

My Family with Ron Gettelfinger, National Co-Chair of March for Babies, and President of the UAW

There were lots of people who spoke at the Kickoff.  I was one of them.  After I gave my speech, Paul W told everyone to take a moment and reflect on what they were doing when they were 7.  I don’t know what that means but everyone was laughing really hard so it must have been funny.  Just like when the Mayor of the City of Warren, James Fouts, gave a verrrry looooong speech.  Then when Paul W got up and said “Josh who is the National Ambassador is now off in college…” everyone laughed really loud!

We took lots of pictures with all the amazing companies who came to the Kickoff!

We love saying "healthy babies!" when we smile for pictures!!!

These are the 12 students nominated for the 2010 Michigan High School Athlete of the Year. They should all win! They're all so amazing!!!

It was a really great Kickoff!

Then we went to Ford’s Product Development Center.  The March of Dimes had a table set up with a whole bunch of information about the walk.  Alex and I wanted to hand out our Ambassador Card so we went up to everyone who was walking through the lobby and told them about the walk on April 24 and to sign up!  All of the people smiled at us and stopped to listen.  That was one of my favorite parts of the day!

Alex gave lots of people our Ambassador Card when they came down the escalator.

Me and Alison met lots of Ford people walking through the lobby.

Our next stop was to ProQuest which is a company in Ann Arbor with a goal of $25,000.  We met Marty Kahn the CEO, and he’s great, and Elliot and Mary were so great, too.  There were tons of people who were on the second floor balcony when we spoke and then everyone came down to meet us.  They were all so friendly and excited about raising money.  They even said that they have a race with Fedex every year to see who can raise more money the fastest.  I think there’s a race car involved…What a great idea!!!

The awesome ProQuest team captains!


Look at all those ProQuest people on their balcony for the Kickoff!

On our way back to Detroit, Dad called a friend of his who has an art gallery in Southfield to see if we could stop by and say hello.  It’s called Park West Gallery and his friend is the owner, Albert Scaglione.  When we got there, Albert was so happy to see all of us.  I guess he hasn’t seen me since I was a baby when we would come to Detroit for my eye surgeries and check ups.  We met his wife, too, Mitsie, and she is so nice.  Albert and Mitsie have donated some paintings for the Signature Chefs auctions in Detroit.  They are such caring and generous people.  It was so great to meet them again and see their cool art gallery.  Alex and I liked all the pictures of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.

Our friend Albert at his Park West Gallery in Southfield.

Before we got to the hotel, we drove past Comerica Park.  That’s also when I saw Canada but I couldn’t go there…it seemed so close, like a Golden Mile away, but Mom said we need our Passports to go and we didn’t bring them.  I’m thinking that must have been how my Mom and Dad felt when I was born so early and so sick.  They saw healthy babies go home from the hospital in their moms’ arms everyday, but they couldn’t take me.  We’re trying to help raise that $100 million this year so moms don’t have to leave the hospital without their babies.  So all babies can be born full term and healthy.  So all babies get to go that Golden Mile home.

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  1. Rick Gallo permalink
    March 10, 2010 5:41 am

    What an amazing time in the Motor City!! I agree with you Josh..we ARE going to hit our 100 million goal this year!! You go guy!! Mr Rick

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