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Detroit’s Red Wings

March 10, 2010

Detroit Red Wings Goalie Chris Osgood gave us hockey pucks!

Today was another one of the coolest days ever!  We raised $40 in 40 seconds at a Super Kmart, we got a hockey puck from Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings, and we got to go on a Fedex airplane!

The amazing staff at Super Kmart Store #4059

First we visited a Super Kmart (Store #4059) in Detroit that is one of the Top 10 Kmarts in the country for raising the most money for March for Babies.  I know why.  In just 40 seconds, we raised $40 – a full-term birth!!!  That was from the wonderful staff who works there.  After my Mom and I gave a speech, Cheryl one of the managers asked if anyone wanted to give a donation to me and Alex so we could put a Kmart cut-out on the wall at the front of the store.  There are already hundreds if not thousands of cut-outs that have been sold since February 14.  It’s unbelievable!!!  That’s when everyone gave us a whole bunch of money to put into their store’s March for Babies fund.  They even have a challenge between Bruce, the Store Director and Heather.  If they raise their goal of $20,000, then Heather will cut her long, curly, beautiful hair.  If they don’t meet their goal then Bruce will be a Store Clerk for a day.  I think Heather will be cutting her beautiful hair…but don’t worry, Heather, hair grows back!  What an amazing challenge!!!  What a great staff and what a fun time we had at Kmart!

Scanning our donation receipts.

Signing our names on our Kmart cut-outs

Posting our cut-outs with the hundreds of other cut-outs in Super Kmart

Then we went to the sky boxes at Joe Louis Arena and met a bunch of Team Captains from banks, city offices, and even California Pizza Kitchen.  They are all ready to beat their fundraising goals.  Just like the Detroit Red Wings who were practicing hard on the ice hoping to win their next hockey games. 

What a great view from way up here!

We got to go down near the ice with Ken Kal, announcer for the Red Wings.  That’s when Chris Osgood, goalie for the Red Wings, skated over to us and squeezed two hockey pucks through the tiny crack in the glass.  We waved and said thank you and he waved back and went back to guarding his goal.  It was just so cool!

We've never sat on a Zamboni before.

Ken Kal, announcer for the Detroit Red Wings is such a fun and cool person!

Look! Chris Osgood gave us some pucks!!!

The last stop we made was to the airport.  But before we went to the Continental Terminal to fly home, we went to the Fedex Terminal to go on a Fedex plane!  Fedex is a National Sponsor for March for Babies, and Gary Faughn is one of the Fedex Team Captains in Detroit who is helping Fedex raise lots of money again this year.  Gary arranged the whole thing for us after we met him yesterday morning at the Golden Mile Kickoff Breakfast.  He was waiting for us when we arrived and took us through the cargo building and out to the tarmac where we boarded a plane that flies Fedex packages all over the world.  We got to go into the flight deck and then we crawled through a tiny opening to get to the place where all the packages sit on their way to their destination.  There weren’t any seats, just floor and walls and ceilings.  We couldn’t take pictures inside so I hope I’m describing everything ok. 

Our Fedex tour guides. They're the best!!!

Now that we've been on a Fedex plane Gary told us we can wear official Fedex shades.

What a special treat!  What a special day full of meeting special people.  And it all tied together today – DETROIT’S RED WINGS –  Kmart’s color is Red, Fedex planes have Wings to fly, and we got hockey pucks from the Red Wings hockey team!

The absolutely phenomenal staff at the March of Dimes Metro Detroit Division - all the things they do are truly amazing!!! We're all with George Howard from Phi Beta Sigma, a huge team of supporters around the U.S!

James is the best driver who drove us all around Detroit in a Ford, of course!

Pilar is a very nice Continental Airlines agent at the Detroit Airport who was very happy to meet us!

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  1. Rick Gallo permalink
    March 11, 2010 5:47 am

    My son in law is a big Detroit Red Wings fan. Wait until I tell him about your trip! He is going to be so jealous! It looks like you and Alex had a great time in Detroit and that was pretty amazing raising $40.00 in 40 seconds. You’ll have to teach me that trick!
    Safe travels!!
    Mr Rick

  2. Denise Veve permalink
    March 11, 2010 9:32 am

    Wow! What a treat to meet a player from the Detroit Red Wings. I’ll see you soon!

    love, Denise

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