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Detour to Hartford

March 15, 2010

We were on the plane, all set, and ready for takeoff at 7:50am.  Then instead of the announcement they normally do about please taking our seats so we can have an on-time departure, it was a little different this time.  This morning they said the flight was cancelled due to mechanical reasons. 

Oh my goodness!  Now what? 

This had never happened to us before.  In all of our travels on Continental Airlines since last October, everything has always been so smooth!  This was the first little hiccup.  The airport was especially crowded because of the rainstorms NY, NJ, and CT had over the weekend and flights were cancelled then.  So lots of people were going to the same place we were and we all needed to get there today.  What an adventure!  Since we travel every week, all of the wonderful Continental ticket agents know us.  So when they saw we were stranded, they all wanted to help.  We love them all so much! 

Cheryl Andrews from Continental Airlines helped us get to Hartford!

We ended up having to do something we didn’t really want to do but had to do it anyways.  Fly a different airline.  We needed to go outside and run two buildings away where our new tickets and gate were.  When we got there it was very loud and a little crazy.  Our flight was boarding in 5 minutes and we still needed to go through the longest line for security we have ever seen. 

And then the funniest thing happened.  As we were running, someone tapped my mom on the arm and asked if we were with the March of Dimes?  We stopped and said “Yes!” forgetting our hurry for a few seconds.  She said she was from the University of Phoenix and saw us when we spoke at their kickoff two weeks ago.  She was so excited and so were we.

We made it – through security and to our gate just in time for the flight…and then through the next airport to our connecting flight…and when we landed in Hartford, we were very relieved.  Finally we’re here!  When we were taxiing to the gate, Mom said what happened today was kind of like when I was born – we took a detour to get to Hartford just like we took a (big and long) detour when I was born.  We got to the same place, we just took a completely different way.

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