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Pen Pals for Life!

March 27, 2010

Basketball is one of my two favorite sports. I got special sport glasses called Rec Specs that I can wear to protect my eyes when I play. My eye doctor told me that my eyes are very fragile because of the eye surgeries I had when I was five months old. He said as long as I wear sport glasses I should be okay. My Rec Specs have prescription lenses and they change to sunglasses when I go outside and to clear when I’m inside. I always make sure I have my sport glasses on whenever I’m playing any sports. My Mom and Dad don’t even have to remind me to wear them. I don’t want anything bad to happen to my eyes so I know I need to wear my glasses to protect them.

Alex and I played basketball outside for a while today. We have a big, tall hoop in our driveway. Now I can throw high enough and make lots of baskets. My Papa Don even bought me a new basketball and it’s perfect!

We aim our shots...I shoot over-hand and Alex shoots under-hand.

We shoot at the hoop!

We score! And the crowd goes wild!!!

When we saw our Mailman driving up the street we got so excited. We ran with our basketballs to go and get our mail. And the BEST part was, there was a letter in there for me!!! It was from my new friend Ryan who I met at the TB&C Luncheon in Philly last Tuesday. We said we’d be Pen Pals for life and he really sent in a note he wrote with pen!

It said:
Hi Joshua. How are you doing? I sent a picture and a page. I hope you like it. By Ryan B

The picture was of me with glasses and stars all around. I love it!!! I feel so lucky to have a friend like Ryan. I’m going to send him a note in the mail, too, so we’ll be Pen Pals for life!

Hello Mr. Mailman!

A letter came for me!

I love the letter my new friend Ryan sent to me!

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