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The Race is On!

March 28, 2010

My first favorite sport is swimming. Today it was finally warm enough for us to go swimming so it was a great day for a swim!

Alex and I had the BEST time! We did a million cannonballs off the side. Alex did a few belly flops, too. Ouch! Then the race was on!  We raced across the short part of the pool. I even swam the long way and only came up for two breaths. We counted to see who could hold their breath the longest underwater. And we tried to play hide and seek in the pool but there wasn’t a good place to hide. When our bodies were complete prunes we came out.

On your mark!

The race is on!

We love swimming!

Then we baked some cookies! Alex and I took turns pouring in the ingredients. Let’s see, there was sugar, white and brown, vanilla, oats, flour, baking soda, a little salt. Wait, I can’t give away Mommy’s secret cookie recipe. They were oatmeal raisin cookies with chocolate chips. Very healthy and so yummy! Perfect after a swim and especially with a glass of cold milk!

Ingredients for the perfect cookies

Tomorrow is the first Monday in nine weeks that we won’t be traveling somewhere. It’s also Spring Break so no school! I think I need to rest since we’ve had so many non-stop adventures. Then I can be all ready for the next few weeks of more busy travels and lots more fun visits.
March for Babies is coming up fast! I hope everyone is signing up for the walk at and raising lots of money for their team. The goal for 2010 is to raise $100 million throughout the U.S. I know we can do it because we’ve met so many teams who have already passed their goals and are still raising money. It’s so awesome!!! Everyone wants to be the #1 team so they are definitely trying hard. It seems to be working!  THE RACE IS ON!


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