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A Storyboard for a March for Babies commercial

March 30, 2010

Today I was in a commercial!  It was a PSA (I learned that stands for Public Service Announcement), it was for air on our local South Florida WSFL TV station, and I was going to be in it with Dave, one of the show hosts.  I got the script a few days ago so I learned my lines and I was all set!  We are trying to get as many teams as possible to sign up for our walk in Broward County on May 8th.

Here’s a storyboard of the production shoot.

Dave and I walk to the set (the park where our walk is) and rehearse our lines together.

Gregory, the Producer, was explaining what he wanted us to do.

We practiced on camera so Gregory and Wlad, the Cameraman, could see how it looked.

Alex was taking video with our little Flip video camera, too!

Jacquie, Exec Dir of our March of Dimes chapter, helps hold the flex fill for more light.

Dave says his lines perfectly, too!

The camera kept rolling on us in three different set-ups.

That's a wrap! I had so much fun shooting a commercial with Dave. He's really cool and kind and so good at what he does!

The amazing crew of WSFL-TV and March of Dimes together.

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