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Proud to be a Preemie!

April 1, 2010

Tonight at dinner we were talking about how when my mommy was a little girl, and she needed to get a Penicillin shot whenever she got sick.  If she had an ear infection, which she said she got a lot, she needed a shot.  If she had strep throat, she needed a shot.  And when she had pneumonia when she was eight, she needed like three shots!  Ouch!  She said they were big and they hurt. 

The next time she said she needed big shots like those was when she was pregnant with Alex.  Those I know about.  I call them her magic medicine shots she got every week so she could stay pregnant for nine months.  Then it dawned on me. 

“Hey, why didn’t you get those medicine shots when you were pregnant with me?”

Mom and Dad looked at each other.  Then they both said they didn’t know mom would need them until she went into pre-term labor and delivered me four months early.  Then dad said something that was so cool.  He said if I wasn’t born early then I wouldn’t have had the chance to be the National Ambassador for the March of Dimes!  Wow, that’s true!  He said I’d be just like any other boy who goes to school and does everything everyone else does.  Even though my life was a little rough in the beginning, all I remember is everything I’m doing now.  I hope I’m helping to save other babies so they can be born healthy like my little brother Alex was.  I hope I’m helping other families so they don’t have to go through all the scary things my family went through with me.  And I wouldn’t trade my life with anyone else in the world!

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