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Hello Baltimore!

April 5, 2010

Our flight today was in the early afternoon so I got to sleep late and watch my favorite show on PBS – Sid the Science Kid. Then Mom and I ran out to get a new Crest Spinbrush for me and then to get my glasses adjusted because they were crooked. When we got home, we still had time before we had to leave for the airport so I helped Mom finish packing our things. We got really good at packing since we were traveling so much, but now just after a week of being home, we needed to remember everything again and be careful that we didn’t forget anything. Like my pajamas!

It was fun to be on another airplane. Then when we landed in Baltimore, I was excited because I was in a new place! Hello Baltimore!!! On the way to the hotel, I liked seeing Camden Yards where the Baltimore Orioles play baseball, and the downtown with all the pretty buildings, and our hotel is beautiful, too! There’s a winding staircase and when we were on the second floor, we saw Alison drive up so we ran downstairs to see her. I missed her and it was fun to hear about what she did last week.

Isn't this a beautiful winding staircase?

Look! Alison's taxi is here!!!

We walked to a cool place for dinner and sat outside. The weather is warm, but I can tell it snowed in Baltimore, too, because there aren’t a lot of leaves on the trees.

It was so much fun to eat dinner “al fresco”!


I can’t wait to meet everyone from the Baltimore March of Dimes Chapter tomorrow morning and go to Citi’s Kickoff. Citi here in Baltimore already raised $7,000 and they haven’t even officially started their fundraising campaign so that’s pretty awesome!

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  1. Teresa Beckwith permalink
    April 6, 2010 9:03 am

    Thank you so very much Joshua for sharing your story. It is always good to put a face to the cause and you do that. It was a pleasure meeting you and your mother. I wish you all the best.


  2. Sarah Walsh permalink
    April 6, 2010 12:37 pm

    Dear Josh…it was awesome meeting you today at the Citi March of Dimes fundraising kickoff. You are a very handsome, smart, and friendly young man. I read your blog that you told us about, too!! As I told you in the lobby of the Citi building right before you left, I promise to keep raising money year after year for the March of Dimes so they can continue to help babies just like you. I hope you enjoyed seeing Baltimore!

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