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A Tale of Three Cities

April 11, 2010

It’s Sunday, the end of the week, and we’re headed back home now from Phoenix, the third city we visited this week.  What a fantastic week with so many fun tales to tell about the amazing National Sponsors for March for Babies.  From Citi Financial in Baltimore to Famous Footwear and Brown Shoes in St. Louis to FedEx and FedEx Racing in Phoenix, everyone is so busy getting all of their fundraising dollars in for the walk that’s right around the corner! 

Before we left for the airport in Phoenix, we were walking around downtown and all of a sudden we saw some March for Babies posters in restaurant windows.  It was so neat to see how so many different people and places all over the U.S. are involved in raising money and awareness for March for Babies and the March of Dimes.  Big companies and small companies and lots and lots of people in between!

First Watch in downtown Phoenix is where we went to breakfast!

Here's the wonderful manager of First Watch. I signed one of my Ambassador Cards with a special note about how yummy his breakfasts are.

Another restaurant in Phoenix with a March for Babies poster!!!

When we boarded our flight on Continental Airlines we recognized one of the flight attendants from our very first trip back in January.  Karen Wagner flew with us to Houston when we were going to meet Mr. Jeffrey Smisek, CEO of Continental Airlines, to say thank you for being the Official Sponsor of the National Ambassador Program.  It seems like so long ago but then again it seems like yesterday.  And now the walk is less than two weeks away and we’ve watched everyone work so very hard to make everything happen – forming teams with tons of walkers, raising lots and lots of money, and organizing their walk events to make them the best ones yet!

Karen and RoseMarie are two of the many wonderful flight attendants on Continental Airlines.

Flight Attendant Major Shelton is also so cool - we're giving each other the bump!

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