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The Lone Star State is Filled with Stars!

April 24, 2010

March for Babies in Montgomery County, Texas!

We went to our first walk of 2010 and it was in Montgomery County Texas!  What a beautiful, sunny morning it was.  We had our t-shirts on and we were ready to walk with 4,000 other March of Dimes supporters.

There were so many families there with babies in strollers, little kids in wagons, and lots of kids my and Alex’s age.  My family and Alison and James, Ed from Continental Airlines, and Lawrence who’s 11, Ernie’s son, all walked together for the whole 3 miles!

First, we got to do the countdown.  Alex and I counted down from 10 all the way to one into the microphone, and then off everyone went.  It was so cool!

Afterwards, we came back and thanked lots of people for all of their support and help.  There was even a balloon man there who made purple swords for me and Alex.  At the end of the walk, Dr. Peg Reiter, Chief Nursing Officer at St. Luke’s The Woodlands Hospital is the co-chair of their March for Babies, and she gave me a big balloon hat to take with us.  That was so sweet!

I got to wish everyone a Good Morning!

Counting down to the Start of the Walk was so cool!

That's me and Alex walking the walk!

Saying thank you to one of the walk sponsors.

A group photo with Dr. Reiter and the MOD Houston staff. Check out that big balloon hat Alex is wearing!

Now we’re all ready for the big walk tomorrow morning in Houston.  The biggest one in the country – oh, boy!

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