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Happy Mother’s Day!

May 9, 2010

We love our Mom so much!

Today is Mother’s Day!  Alex and I woke up late because we were so tired from the big walk yesterday!  That was perfect for Mom so she got to sleep late, too, on her special day today!  I made some special things for Mom in school and I kept them a secret in my backpack until this morning.  I was so excited to give them to her and she loved them all – my card I made in Art Class, my coupon book full of things I will do for her like fold laundry, vacuum the house, and wash her car! and the fill-in-the-blank sheet that says things like My mother likes to…and I wrote “spend time with me.” and My mother is prettiest when she…and I wrote “goes to an event and she wears a dress.” 

Dad made pancakes for breakfast and then we did do one of the things in her coupon book (without her even asking!) and we washed her car.  It’s very clean and sparkly now.  We drove her clean car to Grandma and Papa’s house where we spent the rest of Mother’s Day.  We went swimming and had a delicious dinner.  Every once in a while Alex and I would say “Happy Mother’s Day” to Mom and she gave us a hug and a kiss.  I think we made Mom’s day very special for her.  And Grandma’s, too!  I hope all Mom’s had a Happy Mother’s Day like our Mom did because Moms are just the BEST!

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  1. Rick Gallo permalink
    May 10, 2010 2:11 am

    you’ve got a great Mom …please tell her that I wish her a very Happy Mothers Day!!

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