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School is cool

March 12, 2010

I got A’s on my tests in school today! I had a lot of classwork and homework to do when we were in Detroit and I did some of it everyday until I finished it all. Some I did on the airplane, in the hotel, and then in the car, too. It’s very tiring to travel and do everything I have to do like give speeches and tell everyone to walk at March for Babies. But i know that school is so important and I don’t want to get behind. So I make sure to study hard and try real hard when I take the tests. My mom helps me organize everything. She’s the best mom and I love her so much!

My friend Gaby gave me another note in school today. This time she put some candy on it and a pencil, too. I like Gaby so much. I think I’m going to write her a note too and send it to her in the mail tomorrow. I am going to Connecticut on Monday to visit some national and local sponsors for March for Babies. So she will get my note when I’m gone and know that I’m thinking of her when I’m away. I like that idea! I hope she likes my note as much as I like hers.


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